SpaceYaTech is Mentoring 10,000 Young Africans Into Technology.

We are the fastest growing Africa Open-Source Community Looking To Change The Way Young Africans Get Started In Technology.

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What Does SpaceYaTech Do?

Weekly Twitter Spaces

We host weekly twitter spaces every Thursday between 8p.m and 10p.m Kenyan Time where tech industry experts talk about various topics and upcoming tech events.

What To Expect

  • Interactive sessions with industry experts

  • Instant feedback from industry experts

  • Leads on learning and network resources

  • Expand your network

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Open-Source Projects

We run full-stack open-source projects where UI/UX designers, developers and devops engineers work together to create full-stack applications

What To Expect

  • Collaborating on full-stack projects

  • Work using Agile Methodologies such as Scrum

  • Improve your soft-skills

  • Experience building real-world applications

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Mentorship Programs

We host community-led mentorship programs where beginners are mentored by experienced professionals and given guidance on getting started in tech

What To Expect

  • Skill-oriented weekly mentorship sessions

  • Information on industry best-practices

  • Leads on learning resources

  • Interactive Q/A Sessions on pair-programming sessions

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Getting Started Is Easy And Fast

We have made it very easy to get started in your open-source journey regardless of your technology background. Here is how you can quickly get started with SpaceYaTech

  • Pick an open source team to join from the list of full-stack teams consisting of UI/UX Designers, Software Developers, DevOps Engineers and Product Managers

  • Find the right stack within the team e.g Backend, Frontend or UX Design and read documentation of the project to understand what the project is about

  • Join weekly team discussions to discuss the progress of the project, find open issues on the team and start working on the issues

  • Make contributions to the respective repositories or figma files and get your changes reviewed by other team members before they are merged

  • Find mentors within the community and hold pair-programming sessions to help your career move to the next level.

  • Actively participate in the team discussions, seek clarification when unsure and together, help build a thriving open source technology community in Africa

  • What Our Members Are Saying

    "SpaceYaTech helped me kickstart my UX journey through collaborative work with other young Africans from across the tech globe"

    Nwokoma Chidiebube - UX Designer,Nigeria

    "Working as an open source participant has been a great learning opportunity for me. I have learned from the different roles and tasks I contributed to"

    Pamela Owino - UX Designer, Kenya

    "As an aspiring product manager, SpaceYaTech has given me the perfect community to learn and grow as a young PM getting started"

    Kare Njeri - Product Manager, Kenya

    Our Partners

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  • Kamilimu Logo
  • Cytonn College Logo
  • OSCA Logo
  • Come Partner With SpaceYaTech

    We are looking to partner with like-minded communities and businesses to help change the tech-ecosystem in Africa. Give us a call or write to us today to get started

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the mostly asked questions about SpaceYaTech.

    Is Space Ya Tech Free?

    Yes, SpaceYaTech is totally free for everyone who wishes to learn technology and contribute to Open Source

    Can I become a mentor at SpaceYaTech?

    Yes, we are always looking for mentors willing to help the next generation of Africans in tech.

    Does SpaceYaTech only mentor developers?

    No. SpaceYaTech mentors everyone who is involved in modern technology. From Product Managers, UI/UX Designers, Technical Writers, Software Developers, Testers to Devops Professionals, we cover every aspect

    Can we collaborate with SpaceYaTech?

    Yes. As an open-source community, we are looking to collaborate with like-minded open-source communities, tech startups and corporates looking to bring positive change to Technology in Africa.

    Does SpaceYaTech pay mentors?

    No. For now, we are an open-source community with no budget. As a mentor, you will, however, enjoy some perks which include our branded merchandise, attending partner events and above all, helping grow technology in Africa

    Can I join the mentorship sessions at an time?

    Yes. Although our mentorship programs are done in cohorts, we have enough mentors to help you get started irrespective of where you are in your tech journey. Just contact us and we will help you get started

    Can't find the answer you are looking for? Please talk to our friendly team

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